06 February 2017

‘UNMAP YOUR LIFE’: the new Jeep® Renegade TV spot


The new Jeep® Renegade TV commercial is on air in Italy. With the claim 'Unmap Your Life', the TV spot shows how daily routines can be easily broken and can lead to a more adventurous life, highlighting the unique personality of the small SUV of the Jeep family, which is the main driver of the brand's record-breaking sales performance both in Europe (+40% yoy) and EMEA (+42% yoy).


Jeep Renegade delivers excellent on-road manners and best-in-class 4x4 capability combined with urban-sized proportions which make it the ideal vehicle for the city as well as for the off-road trail. This versatility allows the Renegade to stay 100% true to the adventurous lifestyle and legendary off-road prowess the brand is known for.


In the spot the voiceover uses the same words to describe a daily routine, while the images change to describe a new direction. With a Jeep Renegade, even the most ordinary and repetitive activity can become exciting: the spot invites the spectator to get out the usual patterns, change perspective and horizons, and open up to what life has to offer. Because the adventure is an unknown territory waiting to be explored and mapped. Available at the link, the spot was created, developed and produced for the Jeep brand by the agency Leo Burnett Italia.



Turin, February 6th 2017



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