26 September 2019

Mopar eCommerce opens its doors to everyone


  • The new official e-store dedicated to retail customers opens. Accessories and spare parts for sale, with a number of interesting, personalised services for FCA vehicles, such as warranty extensions, servicing coupons, all-in-one installation packages and much more.
  • A catalogue of over 8,000 products. Purchases are delivered either to the customer's home or their nearest dealer. Shipping will be free for all orders placed for the first 30 days.


The official Mopar e-Store dedicated to accessories, spare parts and customer services for FCA vehicles opens for everyone today.


It is the most recent step in the digital transformation of Mopar that began several months ago with the creation of an Amazon marketplace and continued with the opening, on select European markets, of an online store dedicated to workshops and body shops, which has been very successful in terms of visits, site registrations and sales.
Today, with the extension to all retail customers, the Mopar e-Store is preparing to offer a unique, totally multi-channel experience in Europe that also involves the official FCA service network in the online purchasing process.

The cornerstone of the experience is a diversified range of services tailored for each FCA vehicle. Every customer can conveniently configure and purchase coupons, service packages, personalised services and much more while booking the appointment at the most convenient dealer on the day and at the time they want. That is not all. The Mopar e-Store has over 6,000 Genuine Mopar Spare Parts, the only ones that can boast FCA certified quality, readily on stock in addition to a selection of around 2,000 Authentic Accessories designed to enhance the design and functionality of each individual FCA vehicle.
Furthermore, customers are free to choose between "Click & Collect" with delivery to the most convenient FCA dealer or and the classic home delivery service by express courier.


To celebrate the launch of the store, Mopar offers free shipping for the first 30 days on all orders placed.


By the end of the year, the Mopar e-Store will be available in Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland, before being extended to all the main EMEA countries in 2020.


As a result, FCA is the first automaker in Europe to offer a totally innovative and multi-channel online shopping experience, which is increasingly attentive and close to the needs of customers and professionals.



Turin, 26 September 2019



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